Safety on Crestwood Streets

Speeding may not be a issue on Crestwood Drive, but the folks who live on North Bailey Ave would appreciate it if Crestwood residents and visitors would slow down and obey the speed limits. Drivers on Rockwood Park Drive have a tendency to be a little heavy-footed, and serious accidents have occurred there.  Please observe the speed limits, don't drink and drive, don't text and drive, and be mindful of the low water warning signs on Rockwood Park Drive. Also take special care when entering or exiting Rockwood Park Drive from or to White Settlement Road. 

WARNING: Because there is no longer an entry point to Crestwood Park from the interior portions of our neighborhood, some pedestrians and bikers -- including parents with children in strollers -- use the western portion of Rockwood Park Drive to access the Park. Because some drivers drive rapidly along Rockwood Park Drive despite its curves and blind spots, pedestrians and bikers need to be vigilant when walking or biking this street.  It's safer to travel along the levee or to travel to your desired location by a different route.