If you lose a pet, please submit a Report a Lost Pet Form. If you find and have taken control of a pet, or if you observe a loose/wandering stray, please submit a Report a Found or Wandering Pet Form and it will be emailed to the Pet Registry Committeeat

Pet Registry Committee  members will try to find out where pets belong but can't be responsible for keeping or fostering found animals, coordinating homes for found animals, placing animals in or delivering them to shelters, enforcing city animal ordinances or becoming involved in such issues. Contact the City of Fort Worth Animal Care & Control (817-392-1234) to report animal abuse, neglect or aggression.


We encourage involvement from anyone who 

would like to volunteer to foster a found pet or assist with locating the appropriate rescue organization. Submit the Volunteer - Pets Committee form  and we'll contact you. Lost and homeless animals will appreciate your advocacy!


Crestwood loves its pets! The Crestwood Association Pet Registry Committee was established to maintain a current pet registry and communicate with Crestwood neighbors regarding lost, found and loose/wandering stray pets to help Crestwood pets and owners stay together. Members of the Pet Registry Committee will receive notifications of lost, found, and loose/wandering stray animals and attempt to use the registry to match pets with owners. When appropriate, the Pet Registry Committee  will send the relevant information to the Crestwood Pets email distribution list to assist in locating owners not identifiable through the registry or other means.

Crestwood Pets


Keeping the pet registry as current as possible helps ensure you are reunited with your pet if your pet becomes lost.  If you have not yet registered your Crestwood (or Idlewild) pet or need to update the information about your pet, please submit an online Register My Pet Form. The online registration form will be mailed to the Pet Registry Committee at