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September, 2021, edition

Regular editions of The Crestwood News are scheduled to be published and distributed to Crestwood residents in hardcopy form in the months of March, June, September, and December. Special editions may be published from time-to-time. Please send proposed articles/postings by emailing the Crestwood News Editor.

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How We Communicate

Email is the Association's primary means of distributing current  news to Crestwood residents. To sign up for Crestwood Email, update your email address, or request to be deleted from our email list, please send a message stating your request to

Printed newsletters, flyers and notices are distributed at various times throughout the year and this website is updated from time-to-time. Signs are posted throughout the neighborhood several days before meetings and events occur.

The Crestwood Association welcomes input from its members, Crestwood residents, and public viewers of this website. If you have suggestions for improving our neighborhood, our Association, or Association activities, please fill out the Suggestion Box webform accessible clicking this link: Suggestion Box. After you submit your comment or suggestion, it will be sent to and forwarded to the appropriate Crestwood Association officers or committee chairs.