Kelly Park is home to a complex of little league baseball fields and the Kelly Park Trailhead offering access to a scenic portion of the West Fork Trinity Trail.  Most ball games are free and concessions are generally available.  A wildflower area, with blooms beginning in April and continuing through June (or until the mowers arrive), begins about 1/5 mile from the trailhead.  To get there, take the path from the trailhead behind the fields and make a right turn when you get to the main trail.  You will see the Frank and Elizabeth Diaz misting station.  The wildflower "late mow" zone begins just after the misting station. At the bottom of this page is an aerial overview showing the ball fields, the river, and the wildflower area. NOTE: Most of Kelly Park is located on the opposite side of the Trinity River.   

Kelly Park Trailhead and Baseball Fields

317-423 Rockwood Park Dr