For more information about Jo Kelly School, please refer to the Jo Kelly Schoolwebsite.

Jo Kelly School is currently in the building that was originally named Crestwood Elementary School. Crestwood was built in 1943 and served students in the Crestwood area. Years later, due to low enrollment, Crestwood ceased to function as a regular elementary school. In May of 1976 most of the original building burned, leaving only the gym and cafeteria. When the school was rebuilt, it was designed specifically for educating students with disabilities. The school reopened in 1977 and began serving students with disabilities ages thirteen to twenty-one. At this time, the school was renamed "Jo Kelly School" in honor of Ms. Josephine (Jo) D. Kelly. Ms. Kelly was the first Director of Special Education for the Fort Worth Independent School District.

In 1983, the student population of Jo Kelly changed again. The secondary students with less severe disabilities were moved to Bluebonnet. Jo Kelly began serving students with severe multiple handicaps ranging in age from three to twenty-one. Today, Jo Kelly School continues to educate medically fragile students with severe and profound disabilities, aged three to twenty-one.

Jo Kelly School

201 N Bailey Ave

Jo Kelly School, located at 201 N Bailey Ave, is part of the Fort Worth Independent School District. On its website, it describes its mission as being to "[provide] for he needs and education of students with multiple disabilities and medical fragility that they may develop to their fullest potential...."

Located on the Jo Kelly campus are Alison's Playground and a baseball field which, unlike the facilities of the Westside Little League located in Kelly Park, are available for use by Crestwood residents when Jo Kelly School is not in session.  In addition, Jo Kelly School has made its facilities available to the neighborhood for activities such as National Night Out.

The following brief history is quoted verbatim from the Jo Kelly School website: