Crestwood Crime Patrol


Crestwood Crime Patrol volunteers patrol the streets of Crestwood looking for ways to aid their neighbors and detect suspicious activities and accidents waiting to happen.


The Crime Patrol was established in December 1988 as a resident-volunteer security organization, existing as an Auxiliary Committee of the Crestwood Association. The Patrol works in association with the City of Fort Worth Police Department's Code Blue and Citizens on Patrol (COPS) programs. The Patrol's works in cooperation with our Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO).


The mission of the Patrol is to observe and report only. By so doing, the Patrol's activities have a negative effect on persons contemplating the commission of crimes in our neighborhood.


Patrol volunteers drive the neighborhood in their cars with clearly visible patrol signs alerting observers that Patrol volunteers are present and prepared to notify the police of suspicious or obviously criminal activities. Patrol teams are comprised of a driver (and partner, if available) who remain in radio contact with a resident at home. The Patrol does not have police authority to arrest or detain persons. Patrol volunteers are instructed not to leave their cars to investigate.

In addition to regular neighborhood patrols, the Patrol coordinates Crestwood's participation in the annual National Night Out (NNO) event and annual City-wide COPS conference. From time to time, Patrol volunteers are asked to support the Police Department on City events such as Parades.


Becoming a Patrol volunteer is an excellent opportunity to protect your neighbors, friends, families and property. It's also an opportunity to learn new skills and meet people who share a commitment to making our City a better place to live. Becoming a Patrol volunteer requires an investment of time in training and the discipline required to stay within the boundaries of the program. If you are interested in joining the Patrol, come to a patrol meeting, meet the members, and schedule training with the Fort Worth Police Department to meet the requirements.


Patrol volunteers watch especially for people and vehicles that appear to have no legitimate purpose for being in Crestwood. To aid the patrols, residents are asked to identify their cars belonging to residents by attaching Crestwood Association stickers to their vehicles. Crime prevention is a task that needs all Crestwood residents' participation. Be an observant neighbor and take a common-sense approach to securing your own property.


The Patrol is not funded by Crestwood Association dues payments. Donations to the Crestwood Crime Patrol can be made through your block representative or online via the Dues and  Donations page.