Contacting the City of Fort Worth

The City of Fort Worth has set up a call center to received calls from the public.  The number for the call center is 817-392-2255.  Due to the consolidation and reorganization of City Departments, many old numbers used by the city are no longer in active service and are automatically routed to the call center. 

For the City's own current instructions, click the following link: Contact the City of Fort Worth.

Please note: For emergencies, call 911. When in doubt, dial 911. The 911 operator will prioritize your call based on your individual situation.  For additional information about differences between emergency and non-emergency calls to the Police, please click this link: Emergency and Non-Emergency Calls.

The following numbers and information, current as of June 1, 2014, is offered as a convenience to users of this site.

When you call the Call Center, you will be instructed to stay on the line for instructions in English and to press 2 for instructions in Spanish. You will be offered the following (or similar) choices:

  • For Police and Fire, press 1.

  • For the Water Department, press 2.

  • For Municipal Courts, press 3.

  • For Planning and Development, press 4.

  • For all other inquiries, remain on the line and your call will be directed to a customer service representative.  

If you call the Call Center when it is closed (after 6 pm on weekdays and on weekends and holidays), you will hear instructions advising you that if you wish to leave a message for Garbage and Recycling Services, for Animal Care and Control Services, or for Transportation and Public Works, you may do so. If you want a next day return call, you should so indicate and leave the number to which the return call should be made.

  • Emergency Services: Ambulance/Fire/Police: 9-1-1

  • [Non-emergency] Police: 817-392-4222

  • [Non-emergency] Fire: 817-922-3000

  • [Non-emergency] Ambulance: 817-927-9620

  • City Call Center:  817-392-2255 or TTY: 817-884-2313