The Crestwood Association is a Texas nonprofit corporation incorporated October 7, 1981.  As stated in the Articles of Incorporation, the Association was established "for the purpose of representing the common interests of those individuals pertaining to all matters that may at any time affect their common interests that are created as a result of their locating their residences in the Crestwood Addition to the City of Fort Worth, Texas ...."

The Association is a voluntary neighborhood association (NA), not a mandatory homeowners association (HOA) with responsibility for maintaining common areas or enforcing restrictive covenants and deed restrictions. Membership in the Association and participation in Association activities are voluntary.


The Association is registered with the City of Fort Worth as the voluntary neighborhood association serving the Crestwood neighborhood and its residents.  Residents' concerns are addressed throughout the year and, as appropriate, communicated to the City.


The object of this Association is to promote harmony among all residents of the Crestwood neighborhood, to promote vigilance against crime and to work cooperatively with City, County and other local government officials for the general welfare of the neighborhood and its residents.


Membership in the Association is open to all residents of the neighborhood, that is, individuals who reside in the neighborhood as distinguished from non-residents owning property in the neighborhood.  As specified in the Association's bylaws, residents may be homeowners or renters.

The Association has a general membership/election meeting each year in January and may have special membership meetings from time to time.  Only dues-paying members may vote at these meetings.  Subject to the directives approved at annual and special meetings of the members and the Association's bylaws, the Association's Board of Directors exercises authority over the activities and assets of the Association.  The Board is comprised of Association officers, committee chairs and block representatives

The Board meets regularly throughout the year, usually on the first Monday of each month.  Board meetings are often preceded or followed by informational programs in which members or invited speakers present information on matters of interest to Crestwood residents.

Because meetings of the Board are not general membership meetings and because decision making authority is vested in the Board, a quorum of Board members must be present to conduct business and only Board members vote on issues presented for decision.  All neighborhood residents, whether members of the Association or not, are invited to attend Board meetings and to address the Board on such terms and conditions as the President or other presiding officer may deem appropriate.


The Association publishes a print newsletter ("The Crestwood News") delivered by block representatives to the all Crestwood residences on the blocks they represent.  In 2019, the City of Fort Worth awarded the Association a neighborhood best newsletter award in recognition of the quality of The Crestwood News.

The Association distributes current information by email to residents who sign up to be added to the Association's email distribution list. In 2020, the Association published a print-only neighborhood directory for personal use only by Crestwood residents.

Social activities which bring together the residents of our neighborhood include an annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children, the annual Fourth of July parade and picnic, the annual National Night Out party, and an annual pre-trick-or-treat party (Halloween in the Park before Dark).

The Association also maintains a voluntary pet registry to enable lost dogs and cats to be reunited with participating owners.  The Association's Pet Registry Committee will reach out to neighborhood residents when lost, found, or wandering pets are reported and has a chip reader available to identify wandering pets which have been captured by residents.  The City awarded the Association a neighborhood award in 2018 for its pioneering Pet Registry project.

The Crestwood Association - An Overview